Rug Protection

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Mothproofing Wool Rugs

We offer complete moth proofing services for your Persian wool and Oriental rugs. This is usually best done after we properly clean your rugs in order to eliminate…


Non-Slip Rug Pad

Thermal-set ridges on the upper surface In an exclusive pattern of chevrons, running in multiple directions, enables the pad to grip the rug more effectively and prevents lateral…

Rug Storage

Rug Storage

Responsive, reliable, and secure rug storage for small and large rugs with short and long-term options available and periodic inspection for longterm storage. Capital Rug offers reliable and…


Rug Stain Protector

Rug Stain Protection Continue to protect you’re rugs after they’ve been professionally cleaned with a stain protector. Professionally applied, scotchgard stain protection helps prevent all types of oil…

The best and most effective method of rug protection is prevention of damage. We offer moth-proofing for wool rugs, Scotchgard stain protection or all rug materials, rug padding, and secure rug storage. Our Scotchgard and mothproofing solutions are professionally applied after your rug has been washed. The applications are good for one year.

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