Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Our rug washing process is unique to every customer. Two rugs are never washed simultaneously, never share the same unclean water, eliminating cross-contamination problems.

  1. We begin by thoroughly inspecting your rugs.
  2. We check for damaged areas, dye-bleeding or other factors to take into consideration before we wash.
  3. After your rugs are inspected by our rug specialist and given the green-light we begin the washing process.
  4. It is important to point out that before we wash your rug, it is thoroughly dusted.
  5. After your rug is dusted, it is soaked front and back.
  6. Our cleaning solution is applied.
  7. The rug is hand scrubbed in the direction of the rug pile.
  8. – We do not use scrubbing machines, wash tubs or any other cleaning machines.
    – Using these machines create the risk for pile distortion, cross-contamination, or rug damage in general.

  9. After thoroughly hand-washing your rug, we rinse the entire rug and the water is extracted.
  10. Then we pay special attention to the fringe and edges of your rug.
  11. Finally the rug is hung to dry which takes about 24 hours.
  12. When your rug is completely dry, it is brought down to be wrapped.
  13. It is inspected once more.
  14. If we feel that the rug needs to be washed again for better results, you will be notified and we will begin the process once again.
  15. You’re notified to either pick up your rug or we schedule a time for delivery.

Your rug is free of residues, allergens, dirt, grime, soil & toxic substances – cleaner & healthier for you & your family.