Rug Appraisals & Valuations

Rug appraisals provide information about the value, age & origin of your investment.

Especially for insurance claims and estate purposes, an Appraisal Certificate helps all parties in smooth resolution of matters.

Persian Oriental Rug Value

Rug Appraisal Inquiry

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Written rug appraisals will include:

  • Retail, Resell, and Replacement Value
  • Approximate Age
  • Country of Origin
  • Pattern & Design
  • Description of the Designs
  • Construction Type
  • Knots-Per-Square-Inch (KPSI)
  • Fiber Material
  • Condition and Damage Areas
  • Background & Border Details
  • Photographs

Rug Valuations

We also offer rug valuation reports for individuals & insurance companies in case of water, fire or any other kind of rug damage. For more information contact using the form or call 443-883-5825 for details.

Claims Professionals

Claims adjusters and other claims professionals interested in learning more about valuing high-quality rugs can contact Hamid Wardak, CRC’s founder and industry expert. We work with attorneys, individuals, insurers & adjusters, and restoration companies.

Oriental Rug Appraiser

Hamid Wardak possess a thorough knowledge of all types of rugs from the major rug-producing countries of the world. Mr. Wardak has developed an accurate sense of what a rug is worth, it’s demand, and what it will sell for – both in present retail and wholesale markets.

Indicators of Rug Quality

On the most basic level, cost or value is determined by market demand. When determining a rug’s identity and quality, an onsite inspection is the best way to gather comprehensive information and it can also be done using a good set of images and notes.

  1. Weaving Technique
  2. Skill of Weavers
  3. Quality of Materials
  4. Dying Materials
  5. Knot-count or KPI
  6. Length of Pile
  7. Weaving Quality Indicators
  8. Design and Motif
  9. Age

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