Rug Appraisal

Protect your investment.

Rug appraisals provide information about the value, age & origin of your investment.

Persian Oriental Rug Value
Our rug appraiser has over 30 years of industry experience & knowledge, from sales to service. Know the value of your rugs, it’s worth it. Get in touch today. An rug appraisal document helps all parties in smooth resolution of matters.

Written rug appraisals will include:

  • Retail, Resell, and Replacement Value
  • Approximate Age
  • Country of Origin
  • Pattern & Design
  • Description of the Designs
  • Construction Type
  • Knots-Per-Square-Inch (KPSI)
  • Fiber Material
  • Condition and Damage Areas
  • Background & Border Details
  • Photographs

Complementary Valuations

We also offer rug valuation reports for individuals & insurance companies in case of water, fire or any other kind of rug damage. For more information contact using the form or call 443-883-5825 for details.

Indicators of Rug Quality

On the most basic level, cost or value is determined by market demand. When determining a rug’s identity and quality, an onsite inspection is the best way to gather comprehensive information and it can also be done using a good set of images and notes.

  1. Weaving Technique
  2. Skill of Weavers
  3. Quality of Materials
  4. Dying Materials
  5. Knot-count or KPI
  6. Length of Pile
  7. Weaving Quality Indicators
  8. Design and Motif
  9. Age

Claims Professionals

Claims adjusters and other claims professionals interested in learning more about valuing high-quality rugs can contact Hamid Wardak, CRC’s founder and industry expert. We work with attorneys, individuals, insurers & adjusters, and restoration companies.

Oriental Rug Appraiser

Hamid Wardak possess a thorough knowledge of all types of rugs from the major rug-producing countries of the world. Mr. Wardak has developed an accurate sense of what a rug is worth, it’s demand, and what it will sell for – both in present retail and wholesale markets.