GoodWeave honored Nice Modernist Award for its campaign to end child labor


Skoll Foundation | June 3, 2015 Since its founding in 1995, GoodWeave has worked to eliminate child labor from the rug industry with current operations in India, Nepal and Afghanistan. These efforts were recognized Saturday with the receipt of the inaugural Dwell on Design “Nice Modernist Award” by GoodWeave’s founding Executive Director, Nina Smith. Dwell … Read more

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GoodWeave Facts and Performance Figures

RUGMARK is a global nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor and offer educational opportunities for children in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Overview RUGMARK rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal using 100% Tibetan wool – simply the finest wool in the world. $20M worth of handmade rugs were certified by GoodWeave in 2003 (export value) … Read more

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5 Tips To Protect Your Rugs Against Stains


Here are 5 ways to prevent your area and Oriental rugs from obtaining stains. Stain Protector Application After Washing Great for high traffic areas or full room cleaning Leaves behind Scotchgard ™ Protector anti-soiling agents to protect against future re-soiling Restores fresh, new look to colorfast rugs and carpets No Shoes Inside the House An … Read more

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Water Damage Categories

Category 1: Also know as “Clean Water” refers to flooding from a source of water that does not pose any threat to humans. This is typically a water supply line from a water heater, faucets supply lines, dish washer supply lines, washing machine supply line, toilet supply lines and other supply lines in the walls. … Read more

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Oriental Rug Care Guide

We put together a short guide to help protect your investment – Oriental Rug Care Guide. Fine orientals rugs are an investment. Your rugs should be treated properly and regularly maintained for their beauty to last generations.

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Ending Overseas Child Labor is Part of Rug Merchant’s Plans

Ending Child Labot

Actually aware of child labor issues prominent in India, Pakistan and Nepal, Hamid said he seeks out “RUGMARK” labels when purchasing from overseas.

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Brothers cover Oriental carpet, service markets


The Sun April 7, 2005 By Leana Donofrio Hamid Wardak wanted to continue working in medicine, but that is hard to do when you have three children overseas waiting to be brought to the United States. So, Wardak opened a business, bringing a little bit of his family’s tradition in Afghanistan to Avon Lake. Wardak … Read more

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Hudson resident opens Oriental rug shop in Avon – April 3, 2005

Hudson Hub Times, April 3, 2005 Hudson resident Hamid Wardak, who fled Afghanistan in 1987, opened Abraham & Bros. Oriental Rugs Imports & Services in Avon Lake Sept. 17, 2004 with his brother, Najib Wardak of Stow. Wardak, who was an Afghan physician, fled his war torn homeland in 1987, becoming a refugee. The Kabul … Read more

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How to replace missing tiles

I have a small hand-hooked rug that I would like to have cleaned. I am afraid to take it to just any cleaner because it is irreplaceable. It was made by my mother and it is wool. Where can I take it to have it cleaned properly? It has never been used but has just … Read more

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Rug Moth Protection


You want to preserve the life of your beautiful Oriental Rug. It has many enemies and one of the most devastating is damage from moths. Learn how to recognize and treat moth infestations in Oriental Rugs.

For rug moth protection, we recommend moth-proofing your wool Oriental and Persian Rugs.

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Water Damage Rug Services

Oriental and wool rugs absorb a large amount of water. In this case, high amounts of bacteria and mold may reside inside the pile and construction of the rug if your rug is not cleaned right away.

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User Experience Design & Basics

User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project.

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Kilim Rug Cleaning & Repair


Kilims are much less durable than rugs that have a pile to protect the warp and weft. Most routine cleaning is done by vacuuming. Three main points to note when vacuuming a kilim area rug.

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Rug Protection

rug protection

The best and most effective method of rug protection is prevention of damage. We offer moth-proofing for wool rugs, Scotchgard stain protection or all rug materials, rug padding, and secure rug storage. Our Scotchgard and mothproofing solutions are professionally applied after your rug has been washed. The applications are good for one year.

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