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Rug Care & Maintenance Tips:

To keep the rug in a good shape, vacuum in the pile direction. Pass your hand over the rug – if the pile rises and feels rough, then you’re stroking against the pile direction.

  • If yarn loosens, cut it with scissors; never try to pull it away.
  • Rotate the rug from time to time, to reduce wear and the risk of fading in sunlight.
  • Do not place heavy furniture on the rug. If the rug gets impression marks, these can be removed with water, using a soft brush.
  • Stay away from do-it-yourself rug cleaning.
  • Do not clean on location like wall to wall carpet.

Before storing the rug away, clean it and, when it’s dry, roll it up. Wrap the rug in fabric, paper or other material that breathes – do not use plastic. Store the rug in a cool, dry place.

Preferably, use anti-slip underlay under the whole rug. Besides preventing people slipping, the anti-slip underlay keeps the rug firmly in place, making it easier to vacuum. And, as the rug stays put, the wear and tear is reduced.

Manufacturing Countries

The four most prominent manufacturing countries are India, China, Egypt, and Turkey. Like in any other industry, each country has its comparative advantages. China for instance, is the world’s leader in hand-tufted rugs made of synthetic materials because of their access to those types of fibers. Egypt on the other hand, has the proper infrastructure and knowledge to create a large volume of machine made rugs.


Fiber Types

Picking the ‘right’ fiber is contextual. You have to consider things like cleanability, durability, softness, shedding, color retention, and more. In fact, sometimes synthetic fibers like polypropylene or polyester are better choices than natural fibers because they’re stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and soft. Understanding the 8 fibers on the following chart will help you determine what you should choose based on your needs.

Rug Fiber Types