Oriental Rug Care Guide

Oriental rug repair

Handmade rugs can last generations! We want to help protect your investment.

Vacuum frequently but never against the nap of your rug.

  • Always vacuum with low-level suction, and unless you use a bag-less vacuum, try to use a new bag.
  • Vacuuming against the nap presses dirt back into the rug. Determine the direction of the nap by running your hand across the pile from fringe to fringe.
  • Never vacuum the fringes of a rug.
  • Continued catching of fringe in your vacuum’s suction will cause fringes to tear or break.
  • The best way to clean fringes is by sweeping with a broom.

Rotate Rugs Frequently

  • Frequent rotation equalizes any effects of sunlight.
  • Remember that continuous exposure to the rays of bright sun (even indirect sunlight) will cause damage to dyes used in oriental rugs.
  • On sunny days it is wise to use window shades, shutters or curtains to reduce possible sun damage.
  • Often, faded areas are hidden by soils and will not be apparent until the surface is cleaned. In such cases, fading can be avoided by rotating rugs to make any fading or soiling more uniform.
  • Rotating allows all areas to wear equally and balances any fading that may occur.

Use a Quality Rug Pad

  • Using a good-quality rug pad can double the life of your oriental rug.
  • Especially in heavy traffic areas, quality padding helps to protect your rug from excessive wear.
  • The best padding to use is a hair or fiber-filled pad with rubberized surfaces that keep a rug from moving and/or wrinkling.