Rug Fring Repair

Rug Fringe Repair

Oriental rug fringe repair services. Repair or replace unraveled, frayed, damaged or stained fringe on your fine oriental rugs.

All work is done by HAND.

Rug fringe replacement is the most common type of rug repair. Rug fringe will need to be replaced on your rug every 10-15 years or sooner if damaged. Oriental rug fringe repair and replacement options include: new fringes, securing fringe ends, fringe removal, implanting fringe.

  • Rug Binding or rug edging done by hand.
  • Rug over-casting (securing the ends, or to repair damage beyond fringes and kilim. We can reweave if needed.
  • Re-fringing (re-fringing by hand sewing or reconstruction of new cotton, wool or silk fringes from the foundation of the rug tread by tread.
  • Re-piling (moth damage restoration, low pile restoration)
  • Reweaving (holes repair, water damage repair, burns repair, dog chewing repair, repair of cuts and damage caused by vacuum cleaner).
  • Rug Sheering (for color restoration in faded high piled rugs)
  • Rug Stretching (to fix wrinkles and bumps and if a rug or runner curves to one side)