Rug Padding

Does every rug need a rug pad? Rug Pad Tips

Rug pads have a long list of benefits but the most important benefits to consider are:

  1. Rug pads provide stability and stationary placement.
  2. Protects the floor – prevents the backing of rugs from scratching the floor.
  3. Creates a safe environment by reducing wrinkles and slippage.
  4. Prevent wrinkling which makes rugs easier to vacuum.

Natural Rug Padding vs. Mesh Adhesive Pad

Capital Rug Cleaning offers the best non-slip rug pads for hardwood floors in the market – without the use of any chemicals, glues or adhesives – 100% natural.

PVC rug pads are the most popular variety of padding worldwide. Unfortunately, they are manufactured overseas, usually in China, and are shipped to stores in the US for an incredibly low price.

These mesh-looking rug pads can look and feel just like rubber, so they can easily fool anyone. They are coated with a layer of adhesive with non-slip properties. But the chemicals in this adhesive can stick to and stain your hardwood floors.